Born and raised in 1989 in Forth Worth, Texas, I spent most of my time growing up focused on art. It was the only subject in school that I really cared about and had any noticeable talent in. I was the girl all the other kids wanted to draw Pokemon for in the 4th grade. As I got older I began to explore other facets of art such as painting, sculpture, and graphic design. I never thought that I could ever "do anything" with art though, and ended up going into the veterinary field after high school. I quickly realized it wasn't for me and decided to do what I had always really wanted and major in graphic design with a minor in business marketing at UTA. I quit my vet job and became a full-time freelance model. That gave me to opportunity to travel and do some design work for various companies in the Middle East that I encountered along the way. 
I hope to continue learning and growing after graduation and to see where this journey will take me next. 
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